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LeoFoo Village Theme Park

Hsinchu CountyRecreational Areas
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  • Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure
  • Pagoda's Revenge
  • Captain Cook's Swinging Ship
  • Arabian Palace
  • American Western Streets
  • wild animal

In the theme park are the Arabian Palace, American Western Streets, South Pacific Ocean and Wild Life Kingdom, where tourists can have a good time. Besides scheduled performances, there are also amusement facilities and food and drink services. People can experience thrilling and also exciting entertainments here. It is full of laughers.








Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Guanxi Interchange → County Hwy 118 → Township Road Zhu-27


1. TRA Zhongli Station → Hsinchu Bus (bound for Leofoo Village) to Leofoo Village stop.

2. Taipei International Airport → Tailian Bus (bound for Leofoo Village) to Leofoo Village stop.

Area Information

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