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Jibei Island

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  • Jibei Island
  • Golden Beach
  • Overlooking Jibei Island
  • Jibei Sand Tail
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Jibei Island lies 5.5 kilometers north of Baisha Island; its size is about 3.05 square kilometers, and it is not only the sixth largest island in the county, but it is also the largest inhabited island among the 28 isle within Baisha village, except for Baisha Island itself. There are two sources for the name of this Island: one is that the hidden reefs growing among the periphery if Jibei Island is shaped like the character (auspicious) in Chinese. The other is that refers to a faraway island where there are many shell (shell is pronounced in mandarin) mounds. According to historical studies, Jibei is part of the north Sea Fishing Grounds fishermen were active in the islands surrounding sea territories in as early as the Ming Dynasty, and they had also erected a temple here, which is what is called the Wusheng Temple today.

Jibei Island is 3.1 square kilometres in area, with a coastline of 13km; it is the largest island on the North Sea, and one of the most popular tourist spot in Taiwan. The "Sand Beach Beak" at the south end houses a white sand beach extending 1500m, it is a marine deposit landform – "Sand Spit" – formed by corals and shells that were moved here by the sea; it is a spectacular sight when looked down from the air, a truly world-class natural landscape.

Jibei is heaven for water activities, housing various types of recreational activities, including banana boat, dragged buoy, two-seater speedboat, water motorcycle, under-the-sea sightseeing boat, paragliding and snorkeling, you name it, you got it! Those that enjoy water activities will sure have a wonderful time here at Jibei. Another tourism feature of Jibei is the number of "stone weirs" housed here; there are over 80 stone weirs, more than any other places in Penghu, thus winning the name "Home of the Stone Weirs."

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)
  1. Take plane to Penghu Airport.
  2. Take ferry to Magong Harbor, transfer Penghu County Bus Blue Line - Tongliang Line to Chihkanbei stop, and take the ferry from Chihkan Pier to Jibei Pier.
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