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Taiwan Tourism Events

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  • International
    2024 Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA) Feb 23, 2024~May 11, 2024

    The Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA) is Taiwan’s most important annual art festival, and a leading art and cultural event in Asia.

  • International
    2024 Taiwan Lantern Festival Feb 24, 2024~Mar 10, 2024

    Carrying lanterns during the Lantern Festival began as a traditional folk activity. After integrating local customs and new technologies, the Taiwan Lantern Festival has become an international tourist event. The main lantern show is beautiful, and it is accompanied by the wonderful performances of domestic and overseas folk groups. In 2007, producers from the Discovery Channel visited the Lantern Festival, and then highlighted it as one of the world’s top celebrations.

  • International
    2024 Neimen Song Jiang Battle Ritual Mar 09, 2024~Mar 24, 2024

    Kaohsiung’s Neimen Song Jiang Battle Ritual has been held since 2001. It combines elements of folk art, local festivals, tourism, and the industrial economy. The original local temple activities have been expanded into an integrated presentation of performances, religion, and local cultural heritage. The festival is an annual religious and cultural celebration in the Neimen and Qishan Districts.

  • International
    2024 Free Buzzard in Mt. Bagua - Eagle Watching on Mt. Bagua Mar 16, 2024~Mar 17, 2024

    The Bagua Mountains are the only place where you can observe the Gray-faced Buzzard with the naked eye in Taiwan. They pass here every March and April from their wintering locations.

  • International
    2024 Yilan Green Expo Mar 30, 2024~May 12, 2024

    The Yilan Green Expo integrates many cultural elements, including artistic performances, gardening, flower landscapes, and environmental education. Since it began in 2000, this event has attracted many visitors. It is a well-known event held every spring in Yilan County.

  • International
    2024 Dapeng Bay Marine Festival Apr 01, 2024~Apr 30, 2024

    The "Dapeng Bay Marine Festival" is held every April at the Marina Bay Pier. It combines yachting and other activities, including competitions, one-day captain experiences, and elements of the Pingtung Tourism Union. This is Taiwan’s largest sailing festival.

  • International
    The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival April to May

    The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival begins every April as the first tung flowers begin to appear. From April to June, visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls among the lanes and guesthouses. Tung blossom viewing combines culture, tourism, ecology, and commercial products. It has become a wonderful travel feast for visitors from around the world.

  • International
    Taoyuan Longgang Rice Noodle Festival Apr 20, 2024~Apr 28, 2024

    The are of Taoyuan near this playground has a “Golden Triangle” culture that has its origins in returning ROC soldiers who were stationed near the Yunnan/Burma border. The local delicacy "rice noodles" serves as a theme around which stories are told, and which helps showcase this locality’s culture through food, performances, and other activities.

  • International
    2024 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition Aug 02, 2024~Aug 05, 2023

    The Taiwan Food Exhibition combines food culture with the cuisine of famous chefs as well as special ingredients from a variety of sources. The diversity of the event has increased with time. In addition to delicious foods, cooking competitions add excitement. Celebrity chefs from around the world come to Taiwan to compete, making it a truly international event.

  • International
    Christmasland in New Taipei City The schedule for this activity in 2024 has not been decided.

    Christmasland in New Taipei City began as a local event in 2011. It is now known internationally as well. It offers a joyful Christmas atmosphere, and helps promote local economic development.

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