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Two-day trip for Longdong Bay Cape Trail and silver grass appreciation at Caoling Historic Trail

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Longdong Bay
Longdong Bay Cape Trail
Longdong (Long Cave) is the largest bay on the Northeast Coast. It is favored with clear water and abundant marine life, including large numbers of colorful tropical fish, making it an out-standing spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Also, the schools of fish that gather here make the bay a highly popular rock-fishing area.
Cultural guided tour for Maoao Fishing Village
 Sandiao Cape Lighthouse
Sandiao Cape Lighthouse
Constructed in 1931, Sandiaojiao Lighthouse sits at the easternmost tip of Taiwan. Called the "Eye of Taiwan," the lighthouse is a popular destination for visitors seeking to catch the earliest dawn rays to shine on Taiwan. "Sandiao" is a Taiwanese translation of "Santiago," the name given to this area by the Spanish when they discovered the cape. An exhibit area introduces the lighthouse equipment and information. This is the only lighthouse open to the public in northern Taiwan. It is also a favorite location for shooting TV dramas and wedding photos.
Eastern Tip Park

Day 2

Caoling Historic Trai
Caoling Historic Trail autumn silver grass sightseeing
The Caoling Historic Trail cuts across Sandiaojiao, starting at Yuanwangkeng, just inland from Fulung, and ending at Dali on the coast. It is the only remaining section (rebuilt by the Tourism Bureau) of the old Qing dynasty trail that was constructed 130 years ago to provide the only land link down the Northeast Coast from Tamsui to Yilan. The present trail is approximately 10 kilometers long and offers a pleasant hike of two to three hours.
Yuanwangkeng Water Park
Diesima Bridge, "Boldly Quell the Violent Mists" Stone Inscription, Yakou Observation Pavilion, Preservation Administration Office
Dali Tiangong Temple
Dali Tiangong Temple
The back of Dali Tiangong Temple is leaning to the Caoling Mountain. It faces toward the blue wide Pacific Ocean. The geographic environment of Dali Tiangong Temple is beautiful and shining. During the January 9th of the Chinese New Year's celebration, many believers came to worship the Sky God from everywhere. Dali used to be one of the eight sceneries of Lanzhou. After worship Sky God, you can overlook the whole Gui Mountain (Turtle Mountain) Island from the story of Dali Tiangong Temple. You can overlook the fine blue sea gather with the bright sky at sunny day, and when it rains, you can see how smoke and fog overflow among the story of the Temple. When the northeast monsoon comes to visit, the waves along the coast are very roughing, magnificent, and vigorous.
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