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East Coast National Scenic Area Administration
East Coast National Scenic Area Administration
East Coast National Scenic Area Administration encompasses the multiple functions of tourism service, interpretation and education, and cultural preservation. Inside the Scenic Area, there is a natural geological museum, Amis culture display area, prehistoric culture exhibition, and cetacean museum. At the tourist service center, there is a multi-media room that can hold up to 225 people, which regularly plays videos showing East Coast sceneries every day. On the 1st floor, there is an East Coast natural and humanistic and cultural environment resources exhibition room, which introduces the various unique sights of the East Coast. At the information center, visitors can also purchase all kinds of books related to the natural surroundings as well as humanity and culture of the East Coast, offering visitors more diverse and in-depth information. The East Coast National Scenic Area Administration complex has mountains at its backdrop and faces the ocean in the front. Towards the north, one may spot Chenggong Town and Sanxiantai; and looking over towards the south, one may spot Green Island – a spectacular view all around the Administration complex.
Doulan Mountain Hiking Trail
Doulan Mountain Hiking Trail
Doulan Mountain has been regarded by the Amis and Puyuma peoples as a sacred mountain, a holy symbol and a worshipping site. Even though Doulan Mountain is only at an altitude of 1,190m, but the mountain is standing tall with a steep slope in a magnificent grandeur. Influenced by the humid oceanic air from the Pacific Ocean in the east, Doulan Mountain exudes a mysterious ambiance with clouds and mists surrounding the mountain throughout the year. The scene resembles a beautiful lady being enveloped and protected, so Doulan Mountain is also known as "Beauty Mountain". At the starting point of Doulan Mountain Hiking Trail, there is the Doulan Forest Farm. Once reaching the peak, visitors would find Taiyuan Basin, Tatiung Valley that is south of Chihshang, and Taitung Plains; and looking over towards the east, visitors would have a clear view of the Pacific Ocean, Green Island, and Orchid Island – making Doulan Mountain a great hiking destination and scenic spot.
Daylily Mountain
Daylily Mountain in Taimali is a well-known destination for flower watching. In addition to citron daylily season, visitors can enjoy mountains of beautiful landscape in all four seasons – cherry blossoms in January and February, wild lilies in March and April, hydrangea in May through July, citron daylilies in August through October, apricot flower in November and December. Weather at Daylily Mountain varies widely; long hours of daylight provide superior criteria for plant growth – sugar apples, loquats, roselles, Taifong tea, Yu-he-bao lychees, and dragon fruit are also grown here, in addition to the various species of flower. Daylily Mountain offers abundant natural resources, creeks, waterfalls, high mountains, and gorges; the valleys here are greatly suitable habitats for fireflies, and nighttime every April ~ July would be the best timing for firefly watching.
Bunun Tribal Leisure Farm
Bunun Tribal Leisure Farm incorporates Bunun traditional arts and cultures and has designed a performance area, experience and learning space, and an art and craft workshop within its large arena. Archery, leather carving DIY, fish feeding, or listening to Bunun's Pasibutbut, tasting local seasonal gourmet, appreciating Bunun's fabric weaving craftsmanship at the weaving worship, staying one night at a tribal B&B – these experiences will allow tourists to immerse themselves in Bunun cultures and lifestyle.
Amis Harvest Festivals
Amis Harvest Festivals
Amis Harvest Festival is the tribe's grandest event, which takes place during every year's July and August. Commonly seen activities and ceremonies during the Harvest Festivals include the Coming of Age Ceremony, Guests Welcoming Dance, Harvest Dance, Cultivating Dance, and Fish Catching Ceremony; the overall process includes the three stages of "welcoming spirits", "feasting spirits", and "sending off spirits". In the early days, the Harvest Festivals spanned 8~15 days, and the events were more straightforward and were organized by men of different age groups – women were not allowed to participate. In the recent years, the old customs and prohibition have been modified. Besides shortening days of festivals and simplifying the religious ceremonies, racing, tug of war, archery and other competitive activities have been added to the events for a more entertaining atmosphere; and the general public is also now welcome to join the fun.
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