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Gluban, Aowanda, Sun Moon Lake



Tour route

DAY1: Seediq Culture, Gluban

HSR Taichung Station
Gluban Guided Tour
Kawanakajima Workshop
Survivors Memorial Museum

DAY2: Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area

Indigenous Post
Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area (Trail, Aowanda Suspension Bridge, Songlin, Waterfall Groups)
Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area (Trail, Aowanda Suspension Bridge, Songlin, Waterfall Groups)
Aowanda Forest Recreation Area is an enchanting forest covered in golden red maple and surrounded by rich wildlife.
With only an hour or so drive from Puli, this Recreation Area located at the back of Wanda Reservoir, was formerly inhabited by a Seediq tribal village. Construction of hydraulic power began here during the Japanese colonial period, and it was not until 1994 that it became a national forest recreational area.
At an elevation ranging from 1,100 to 1,600 meters, Aowanda is blessed with a rich ecology. Apart from the native beeches and ring-cupped oaks, there is also the Taiwan Red Pine reforestation, where 120 bird species, including Jay and Taiwan Blue Magpie, dwell within. Starting from May, Luciola cerata will elegantly light up its way in the forest. Of course, the Formosan long-armed scarab and butterflies are stars of the forest as well.
The vast area of Formosan Sweet Gum beside the Maple Tree Trail, together with the deciduous cypress and green maple near the Visitor Center, dot the Recreation Area with a palette of reds in autumn, the most popular season of Aowanda. While the cherry blossoms in the spring is another magnificent view worth seeing. The majestic “Aowanda Suspension Bridge” that leads to the marvelous pine tree zone is 180 meters long and 90 meters high, on which one may overlook the Wanda North and South Creeks converging underneath, which is yet another scenic spot a visitor to Aowanda should never miss!
Night View

DAY3: Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, Thao Culture

Sun Moon Lake Xiangshan Visit Center
Bike, Trail
Sun Moon Lake Boat Tour
Sun Moon Lake Boat Tour
Sun Moon Lake is a famous natural lake in Taiwan at an altitude of 760m. It is surrounded by layers of green mountains and magnificent views – everywhere you look is a painting of the most splendid mountainous and lakeview sceneries. Various kinds of fish can be found in the Lake if you like to enjoy fresh and delectable dishes. But all in all, travelers should visit Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan’s largest inland lake, for the breathtaking lakeside views that offer sights varying in four seasons and at different times of the day.
Barawbaw Tribal House
HSR Taichung Station
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