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Nenggao Cross-Ridge, Qilai South Peak, Nanhua Mountain



Tour route

DAY1: Seediq Culture

HSR Taichung Station
Indigenous Post
Mona Rudao Memorial Park
Wushe is the political and economic center of Renai Township, and it is also the starting point for nearby scenic areas. When entering Wushe, visitors would pass by Wushe Scenic Area Ticket Booth (currently closed). Anti-Japanese Memorial Monument in Wushe is surrounded by cherry blossoms – every late winter to early spring, the spectacular sight of blossoming cherry blossoms is definitely worth your visit!
Towda Tribe Guided Tour
Lushan Hot Spring

DAY2: Nenggao Cross-Ridge, Tianchi Lodge

Tunyuan Hiking Starting Point
Yunhai Line Station
Tianchi Lodge

DAY1: Qilai South Peak, Nanhua Mountain

Tianchi Lodge
Qilai South Peak
Nanhua Mountain
Yunhai Line Station
Tianchi Lodge
HSR Taichung Station
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