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Two-day Tour of Sanyi Township

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Remains of Longteng Bridge
Remains of Longteng Bridge
There is an interesting story about the town of Longteng that is revealing of the superstitious beliefs that local people once held. When the first se...
Shengxing Train Station
Shengxing Train Station
The Shengxing Train Station is located at the highest point of the western railway trunkline, 402.326 meters above sea level. The train station, compl...
Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum
Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum
The history of the woodcarving industry in Sanyi dates back to 1918, when a township local named Wu Chin-pao began making adornments at his home works...


West Lake Resortopia
West Lake Resortopia
This resort village is easily accessed by the Sanyi Interchange of the Sun Yat-sen Freeway. It offers many recreational facilities for the whole famil...
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