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Hsinchu City God Temple

Hsinchu CityHistoric Sites
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  • Hsinchu City God Temple
  • Entrance, Hsinchu City God Temple
  • Octagonal Caisson
  • Hsinchu City God Temple - interior
  • Gourmet of Hsinchu City God Temple
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Hsinchu City God Temple (Cheng Huang Temple) is regarded as the highest-ranking of all City God temples in Taiwan, due to the superior spiritual power of its City God in protecting the town.

In front of the temple is a market with a lot of small stalls selling delicious taiwanese snacks, including rice noodles, meat balls, thick cuttlefish broth, and Zhuqian Biscuit (Zhuqian is the original name of Hsinchu).

Hsinchu is famous for a number of specialty foods, especially Hsinchu rice noodles, which are produced in Nanshr Village, Hsinchu City. Another famous product of Hsinchu is shiangfen, a traditional cosmetic powder which was used by women throughout Taiwan before the arrival of foreign-style cosmetic products. The powder is also used in offerings to Qiniangma, the guardian spirit of children. Only one store, run by the Tsai Family in Julian Street, still produces this powder. Although there are many stalls from which Hsinchu meatballs can be purchased, many are concentrated around the Chenghuang Temple. The famous Peanut Butter is sold mainly along Dongda Road, and if you want to try Zhuqian Biscuits, you should go to the Shinfujen Cake Shop at No.26 Beimen Street.

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(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Fwy 1 → Exit at the Hsinchu Interchange → Sec. 2, Guangfu Rd. → Sec. 1, Dongda Rd. → Zhongyang Rd.


Take TRA to Hsinchu Station, and walk for 10 minutes.

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