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Yunlin County

Located at the central-south part along the western coast of Taiwan, Yunlin County stands at the north tip of Jianan plain, bordering Nantou County in the east, Changhua County in north with Zhoushui River as watershed, Chiayi County in the south with Beigang River as watershed.

Yunlin is located in the south-central part of western Taiwan at the northern end of the Jianan Plain. Nantou County lies to the east and the Taiwan Strait to the west, the Beigang River and Chiayi County define the southern border, with the Zhuoshui River and Changhua County to the north. Plains account for nine-tenths of the county area, while mountainous areas make up the remaining 10 percent. The county has a subtropical climate and a year-round average temperature of 22.6 degrees centigrade. Administratively, it is divided into 20 townships and cities, all in flatland areas except for the three mountainous areas of Douliu City, Gukeng Township, and Linnei Township.

As a county built on agriculture, Yunlin has long taken pride in its rustic charm and high-quality agricultural products. Among the local specialty goods here are coffee (Gukeng Township), hard clams (Taixi Township), horseshoe clams and Taiwan tilapia (Kouhu Township), shaddock (Douliu Township), soy sauce (Xiluo Township), pickled cabbage (Dapi Township), and peanuts and sesame oil (Beigang Township). Each of these items captures the authentic local flavors of Yunlin and makes a perfect souvenir gift for home. In addition, Yunlin's many temples (there are more here than anywhere else in Taiwan!) attract tens of thousands of people every year. Yunlin has also nurtured a vibrant cultural industry. The county is the birthplace and a well-known capital of Taiwanese puppet theater.

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