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One Day Senior Travel of Xinwei, Shiba Luohan Shan and Baolai Hot Spring

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The Xinwei and Baolai areas of Liugui are famous in Southern Taiwan for their quiet mountain towns and hot springs, and visitors to Xinwei Forest Park can experience mahogany woods and forest bathing. The Shiba Luohan Shan Nature Reserve showcases the geological wonders of Southern Taiwan. Baolai Hot Spring Park offers hand and foot bathing experiences, suitable for visitors of all ages to explore the beauty of Baolai Hot Spring.

Tips for Senior Traveler:

Hot Spring Season of Whispering Flowers in the Mountains
The Liouguei area of Kaohsiung City has the largest number of hot springs resources of all Southern Taiwan, and includes almost 40 hot spring hotels. It shows much potential for development as a hot springs vacation resort.

As cold winds blow, plum blossoms begin to open. As the season of winter arrives, all plum blossom areas around Taiwan begin to flourish. Cold fronts that pass through Taiwan drive the white plum blossoms to bloom, bringing a romantic atmosphere to the island of Formosa. It attracts plum blossom lovers to visit the mountains and enjoy the intoxicating scenery the cold blossoms of winter form. The most beautiful flower season location, Liouguei’s Zhulin hot springs area, combined with the riot of plum blossoms on the treetops, will calm your heart and refresh your mind.

Taoyuan District along the South Cross-Island Highway and the Zhulin Hot Springs Area of Liouguei combine abundant hot springs resources with plum trees and plum blossoms to create an elegant plum blossom wonderland that provides bathing and blossom watching in a high-quality travel experience.


Tour route


Maolin National Scenic Area - Xinwei Visitor Center
Maolin National Scenic Area - Xinwei Visitor Center
The Maolin Scenic Area covers the townships of Maolin and Liugui in Kaohsiung City, as well as parts of the administrative areas of Sandimen Township ...

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Wheelchair Rentals:2

Shiba Luohan Mountain (Luohanshan)
Shiba Luohan Mountain (Luohanshan)
Shiba Luohan Mountain (Luohanshan) (Eighteen Arhats Mountain) lies next to Laonong River, Kaohsiung. Shiba Luohan Mountain (Luohanshan) consists of mo...
Baolai Hot Springs
Baolai Hot Springs
Baolai Hot Springs are located in Liugui District, Kaohsiung City, deep in forested mountains adjacent to the Laonong River. The water has a carbonic ...

Travel Information

Take THSR to Zuoying Station or take TRA to Koahsiung Station and transfer Kaohsiung Bus E25 Gaoqi Liugui Express (Please reserve low-floor buses in advance) to Miaopu stop.


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