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Two-day Tour of Kaohsiung's Night Markets

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Tour route


Shoushan National Nature Park
Shoushan National Nature Park
Shou Mountain is located at the southwest area in Kaohsiung City, it is the hillock with coral reef geologic character heading north to south. There a...
Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts is the third fine arts museum to be established in Taiwan, following the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and the Taiwan Muse...
Liuhe Tourist Night Market
Liuhe Tourist Night Market
You will not be considered to visit Kaohsiung if you miss out Liuhe Night Market. As early as in 1950, more and more stalls stationed in Dagangpu of X...


Xizi Bay
Xizi Bay
Xizi Bay is perched on the sea at the western edge of Kaohsiung City, just southwest of Mt. Longevity, with the Qijin Peninsuna stretching southward. ...
Former British Consulate
The consulate was built in 1865 with more than a hundred years of history. It is now the most antique western building preserved in Taiwan. It was the...
Xingzhong Tourist Night Market
Xingzhong Night Market is nestled in Lingya District, Kaohsiung City, immediately neighboring Sanduo Avenue Commercial Zone. Although the "Xingz...
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