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One Day Accessible Tour in North Coast

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The "Yehliu Geopark" is one of the most famous landmarks of Taiwan. Along with the accessible trails around the park, mobility challenged passengers can enjoy the amazing sea erosion terrain landscape of Queen's Head, Fairy's Shoe and Candle. At lunchtime, you can enjoy the freshest seafood at the "Fuji Fishing Harbor." The "Shimen Wedding Plaza" is the first wedding plaza in Taiwan. The wedding plaza encompasses a white Mediterranean-style structure. Embraced by the green ocean and blue sky matching perfectly with the foreign style of construction, the wedding plaza is a new scenic spot frequently visited by couples, photographers and locals. The "North Coast Exploratorium" is a good place for family visits. There are interactive guides and exhibits for visitors to explore the beauty and ecology of the ocean. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset scenery at "Qianshui Bay" where you will find a slow lifestyle among the cafes and restaurants.


Tour route


Yehliu Geopark
Yehliu Geopark
Yehliu is a cape of about 1,700 meters long formed by Datun Mountain reaching into the sea. When overlooked from above, the place is like a giant turt...

Accessible Toilets:4

Accessible Parking:14

Wheelchair Rentals:4

Fuji Fishing Harbor
Fuji Fishing Harbor
Fuji Fishing Harbor is located on the North Coast Highway near the greater Taipei area. Originally a small fishing village, this area grew over time t...
Shimen Wedding Plaza
Shimen Wedding Plaza
Inaugurated in 2008, Shimen Wedding Plaza was the first wedding plaza in Taiwan. The wedding plaza encompasses a white Mediterranean-style structure i...
North Coast Exploratorium
North Coast Exploratorium
The Exploratorium is designed to provide "Amazing Exploration, Intellectual Wisdom, and Leisurely Family Travel." It magnifies the special f...

Accessible Toilets:3

Accessible Parking:4

Wheelchair Rentals:1

Qianshui Bay
Qianshui Bay
Biking on the Sanzhi-Shimen bike path along the sea coast under the sunset has been one of the most frequent activities in everyday life of Sanzhi loc...

Accessible Toilets:1

Accessible Parking:2 for automobiles, 3 for motorcycles

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