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Three-day Tour of Siangyang Forest, Recreation Area, Wulu Gorge, Kamcing Tribe, Ceroh Tribe



Tour route

Day1: Bunun Tribe Culture, Kamcing Tribe

Taitung / Guanshan
Kamcing Tribe (Tribe Guided Tour, Tribal Meals)

Day2: Siangyang Forest Recreation Area, Wulu Gorge

Siangyang Forest Recreation Area
Siangyang Forest Recreation Area
Located in the periphery of 147-158 km of the Southern Cross-Island Highway, Siangyang National Forest Recreation Area ranges more than 2,000 meters above sea level and covers an area of 362 hectares. This is the upper reach of Xiwulu Creek where is a mountainous recreation area. Beautiful scenery, typical cool-temperate climate with an average annual temperature of about 11.4 ℃ make here the best place for summer and ideal choice for hiking in southern Taiwan.
The small mountain village of Lidao is located about 30 kilometers from Yakou at the confluence of three mountain streams. The inhabitants of this idyllic village, mainly members of the aboriginal Bunun tribe, grow tea and temperate-zone vegetables. Lidao is a nice place to rest, taste local food, or even stay overnight.
Wulu Gorge
Wulu Gorge, Liukou Hot Spring
Liukou Hot Spring located by the highway belongs to Bishan Hot Spring – it is also a wild hot spring with its source coming either from the stalactite cave by the Xinwulu River or eruption from the riverbed. The hot spring is considered a sulfate sodium bicarbonate spring with water temperature at the source to be as high as 70~80 degrees Celsius. And the reason for there to be six cubes is that the water temperature is too high at the source, and only after gradually flowing through the fourth, fifth, and sixth cube would the temperature become suitable for foot bath. The crystal-clear water quality and high-enough temperature make it perfect for making boiled "hot spring" eggs.

Day3:  Bunun Tribe Culture, Amis Tribe Culture

Xinwu Bridge
Bunun Cultural Museum
Bunun Cultural Museum is located at the entrance of eastern section of Southern Cross-Island Highway and has been open to the public since February 2nd, 2002. It is a three-story building with an area of 1.37 hectares; it is an architecture of imposing exterior and rich indigenous cultures and colors. Facilities inside the building are extremely diverse; next to the Cultural Museum there is a Bunun style overpass that leads to the Bunun Traditional Cultural Experience Area.
Ceroh Tribe (Tribe Guided Tour)
Ruisui Railway Station
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