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Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area - Dapeng Bay Visitor Center

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Dapeng Bay covers the two designated scenic areas of Dapeng Bay and Little Liuqiu. The northern boundary of Dapeng Bay is the Provincial Highway 17 and the Ping 63 County Road. The eastern and western boundaries are Linbian and Xinggou in Donggang Township respectively. To the south, there is a 600-meter sea area starting from the high tide mark of the coastal line. The main features of Dapeng Bay include the Qingzhou Rest Area. In this region, there is a famous boat festival of the Donglong Temple in Donggang. Tourists can also enjoy the beautiful submarine scenery on Little Liuqiu Island.

Dapeng Bay is the largest inner bay in Taiwan, providing rich resources of sea animals and plants in this region. Redwoods and sea eggplants are growing by the sea; Ipomoea pes-caprae, Excoecaria agallocha, and Clerodendron inerme are all very famous. The animals in the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area are mainly birds, fish and mollusks. There are about 95 kinds of birds, including migratory birds. Fish include groupers, and other sea animals include a special kind of tide-waving crabs on the wetlands.

Little Liuqiu is the only coral island found among the 14 islands around Taiwan. It is famous for three features: the best location for watching sunsets, the largest variety of corals, and the entire island as a coral reef. The whole island is full of strange rocks and reveals many beautiful ocean landscapes.

There are around 100 temples in Liuqiu and Dapeng Bay. Many temples are located around Donggang Town, and the Linbian and Nanzhou Townships. Among all the temples, the Donglong Temple in Donglong Village, Donggang Township has the longest history. Once every three years, people there will hold a ceremony to "burn the boat" and this is considered the biggest celebration of this kind. Seafood is famous around Taiwan and is inexpensive. Donggang has three treasures: blue fin tuna, cherry shrimp and fat roe. Liuqiu is also famous for its barbecued squid and sausage.

Dapeng Bay Visitor Center

Be sure to catch the smiles of our volunteers as you browse through a variety of tourist information at the Dapeng Bay Be sure to catch the smiles of our volunteers as you browse through a variety of tourist information at the Dapeng Bay Visitor Center, the first place you shall notice upon arrival at the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area. Here you can learn about which hours in a day are the best for finding fiddler crabs and mudskippers in our wetlands. There is also the bay’s map which helps you to find the directions of and distance between each scenic spot. The center holds rubbing activities for parents and kids, so that they can bring beautiful memory home on paper. Sometimes, by “liking” the center’s Facebook articles, you can get a gift for free. The volunteers here are ready to play games with you and give you more small gifts. Our flyers introduce the bay’s wetlands and many other leisure spots in detail, in Japanese, English and Mandarin. At the center, you shall find all the info you need. Why not pick a book at our book crossing spot to let the book be your travel companion at the bay. If you are Muslim, feel free to use our prayer room and enjoy some quiet spiritual moments.

We always welcome visitors like you and we want you to be happy, with all the things we offer. You are cordially invited to visit the center and be filled with joy!

Multi-media briefing room:

The room has 100 seats. On weekends and holidays, films on the nature and culture of the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area and the Hengchun Peninsula are screened.

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)
No.169, Datan Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County
Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area - Dapeng Bay Visitor Center Links

Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Dapeng Bay End Interchange → Dapeng Bay Loop Road

  1. Take the flight to Kaohsiung Int'l Airport or the train to Kaohsiung Railway Station, continue by Kenting Express (No. 9117 torward Kenting(Kending)) to Dapeng Bay Stop.
  2. Take the THSR to Zuoying Station, continue by Kenting Express (No. 9189 torward Kenting(Kending)) to Dapeng Bay Stop.
Accessible Transportation:


1.Take HSR to Zuoying Station , transfer to Kenting Express Line 9189(Low), get off at Dapeng Bay stop.. Please see bus schedule on Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus Web.

2.Take TRA to Kaohsiung Train Station, transfer to Kaohsiung Bus 9117(to Kenting, Low), get off at Dapeng Bay stop.

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