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Sun Link Sea Forest Recreation Area

Nantou CountyScenic Spots
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  • Sun Link Sea Forest Recreation Area
  • Beautiful Sun Link Sea Forest Recreation Area
  • Maple Forrest in Sun Link Sea Forest Recreation Area
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This 40-hectare scenic area, situated at an elevation of around 1,600 meters, has a moderate monsoonal climate and primeval mountain forests, and offers a view of Mt. Hehuan in the distance. There are campgrounds and wooden cottages for overnight accommodation. A variety of flowers blossom all year round, and maple leaves turn a brilliant red in the autumn. The flower center here is best known for its endemic peonies, which blossom in April.

One of the most beloved sights among the abundance of natural scenery here is the Qinglong Waterfall, which plunges 116 meters. There are two more waterfalls in the Songlong Rock area. Songlong Rock Waterfall and Water Curtain Cave Waterfall. More than 10 well-like holes are scattered on the river bed, where crystal-clear water flows by. A "Swallows' Cottage" beside Rhododendron Spring (named for the rhododendrons through which it flows) features a "bead curtain" formed by dripping water.


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