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Sleeping on Spears, Awaiting the Dawn (Zhenge Daidan)

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  • Sleeping on Spears, Awaiting the Dawn (Zhenge Daidan)
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During his visit to Matzu in 1958, Former President Chiang Kai-Shek wrote the phrase Sleeping on Spears, Awaiting the Dawn to encourage the soldiers and residents in Matzu not to forget the mission of recovering China. The phrase was then carved on the Fu Mountain (Fushan) Wall by soldiers and became the most visible landmark in Matzu and a spiritual symbol of the Matzu military installation. Nowadays, the spot is assigned to a private cafe and store selling local specialties. When you drink a cup of fine coffee under brushing of a gentle breeze, it is relaxing to enjoy this sight at the same time.

Matzu National Scenic Area Administration
No.95-1, Ren-ai Village, Nangan Township, Lienchiang County
Tel: +886-836-25630

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Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

1.Take plane to Matsu Nangan Airport, transfer Nangan Bus - Mountain Line(branch line, to Magang), get off at Fu'ao stop.

2.Take Taima Ferry to Matsu Fu-ao Harbor, About 600m from Sleeping on Spears, Awaiting the Dawn.

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