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Xiaomen Geology Gallery

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No.11-12, Xiyu Township, Penghu County
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Accessible Toilets:1

Accessible Parking:1 for automobiles, 1 for motorcycles

Wheelchair Rentals:1


Penghu is composed of lava from volcano fissure eruption and before becoming the beautiful, spectacular, and at the same time precious geological landscape it experienced years and years of wind, rain, and wave erosion. If you would like to observe the various landscapes in Penghu, then Xiaomen Geology Gallery is your best choice.

Xiaomen Geology Gallery is situated at the entrance of Xiaomen Recreational Area. The exhibition hall houses a vast amount of information, as well as aesthetic and knowledgeable exhibition planning, turning the profound principles of geological geo-morphology into exciting, fun, and easy to understand everyday common sense.

Notice: Please do not talk loudly or use a loud speaker. Respect others who are also visiting. Smoking, Chewing Betel nut and Gum are strictly forbidden. No pets or dangerous objects are allowed inside. Please do not touch the displays.

Xiaomenyu is situated in Xiaomen Village in Xiyu Township, Penghu County, north of Xiyu, 0.5121km2 in area, it has long been known as “Pearl of Houmen”, and is the only islet in Xiyu Township with residents; Xiaomen Bridge (small crossing-sea bridge) connects Xiaomenyu with Xiyu Township, Penghu National Scenic Center built a car park here, as well as a path around the island, making this a famous scenic site in Penghu County.

The origin of the name Xiaomenyu: east of Xiaomen Village lies a path with mountains on either side, in the past, this path was the only access to the outside for villagers in Xiaomen Village, and the path looked like a small door (Xiaomen in Chinese) from a distance, hence, this place was named Xiaomen.

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Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Magong City → County Hwy 203 → Turn left at Dongwei → Baisha Township → Penghu Great Bridge → County Hwy 2 → Xiaomen Geology Gallery.

  1. Take Magong Shuttle Bus North Ring Line (Reservation required), get off at Xiaomen Geology Gallery stop.
  2. Take Blue Line-Wai’an Line at Magong Terminus, get off at Xiaomennei station.

Accessible Transportation


Take Magong Shuttle Bus North Ring Line (Reservation required), get off at Xiaomen Geology Gallery stop.

Convenient GuidanceConvenient Guidance

  • Exterior View Accessible Restroom

    Exterior View Accessible Restroom

  • Interior View Accessible Restroom

    Interior View Accessible Restroom

  • Accessible Path

    Accessible Path

  • Wheelchair Ramp

    Wheelchair Ramp

  • Wheelchair Ramp of Entrance

    Wheelchair Ramp of Entrance

  • Wheelchair Ramp next to Whale Cave

    Wheelchair Ramp next to Whale Cave

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