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Beiliao Recreation Area

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Beiliao Vil., Huxi Township, Penghu County
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Accessible Toilets:1

Accessible Parking:1 for automobiles, 2 for motorcycles


"Starry Kueibi" of Beiliao Kueibi is one of the eight most renowned views in Penghu, and wave-chasing in Kueibishan, Beiliao, has become an important tourism resource in Penghu. The origin of the name Kueibishan: When looking at Beiliao coast from a distance, its mountain is shaped like a sea turtle bending over on the sea, therefore it was called "turtle wall mountain" (gueibishan), and later on renamed Kueibishan using its homonymic sound.

In the past, on a full-moon night, when there were still many fishing boats on out the sea towards the east, basked in the soft moonlight, you would feel as if you were part of the starry sky; thus such view was named "Starry Kueibi".

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Magong City → County Hwy 203 → County Hwy 202 → Township Road Peng 14

  1. Take plane to Penghu Airport.
  2. Take ferry to Magong Harbor, transfer Penghu County Bus Green Line - Beiliao Line to Beiliao stop.

Accessible Transportation

Take ferry to Magong Harbor, transfer Penghu County Bus Green Line - Beiliao Line (Low Floor operate at fixed shifts) to Beiliao stop.

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