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Xiyu Western Fort

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  • Xiyu Western Fort
  • Entrance, Xiyu Western Fort
  • Xiyu Western Fort Visitor Center
  • Exhibition Space
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Xiyu Township, Penghu County
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Accessible Toilets:1

Accessible Parking:1 for automobiles, 4 for motorcycles

Wheelchair Rentals:1


During the ruling of the Qing Emperor Guangxu, China and France had a war and signed a truce. The Qing government ordered magistrate Liu Ming-Chuan to build 10 fortresses to protect Taiwan from the harassment and attacks of pirates and bandits. Xiyu Western Fort was one of them. It is also the best-preserved and largest ancient fortress in Penghu, 8 hectares in area. The fortress is secure under thick rocks and spacious with a capacity of thousands of soldiers. It is not only a military base, but also has magnificent scenery.

Xiyu Western Fort has two arches in the entrance and the stone board on the out gate was inscribed by Li Hung Chang, a famous Qing official. There are many tunnels inside, leading to different chambers. The fortress has cliffs in the back, ocean in the front, which makes it perfectly secure. It also presents Penghu's peculiar position in history. Visitors to Penghu should never miss Xiyu Western Fort.

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(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Magong City → County Hwy 203

  1. Take plane to Penghu Airport.
  2. Take ferry to Magong Harbor, transfer Penghu County Bus Blue Line - Wai'an Line to Xitai Gubao stop.

Accessible Transportation

Take ferry to Magong Harbor, transfer Penghu County Bus Blue Line - Wai'an Line (Low Floor operate at fixed shifts) to Xitai Gubao stop.

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  • Accessible Restroom - exterior

    Accessible Restroom - exterior

  • Accessible Restroom - interior

    Accessible Restroom - interior

  • Accessible service counter

    Accessible service counter


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