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Taiwan Tourism Events

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    2022 New Year's Eve Celebration 2022-12-31~2023-01-01

    In 2019, CNN named Taipei as one of the "10 great places to spend New Year's Eve." This event has become one of the most famous in Asia, and is a must-do experience for travelers to the Far East. Taipei's New Year's Eve's celebrations have definitely enhanced the city's international profile, and they will certainly continue to attract many visitors from home and abroad. Taipei City Hall Plaza is the event's main venue. Musical performances begin at 7 pm and continue on through the evening until 1:00 am the following morning. Popular performers from home and abroad entertain large crowds, backed by the impressive Taipei 101 Tower. At midnight, the Tower is used as the base for a colorful and dynamic fireworks display.

  • International
    2022 Chiayi City lnternational Band Festival 2022-12-16~2023-01-01

    Held for the first time in 1993, Chiayi City International Band Festival has now become an urban fest joined by all. Today, it is not only Chiayi City's most special cultural event but also Taiwan's. The Tourism Bureau, MOTC listed it as an international-level tourist activity, which in fact is hailed by music communities home and abroad. Throughout Taiwan, it is known as the City of Sounds and the Town of Wind Music.

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    2022 Taipei—Marathon 2022-12-18

    First held in 1986, the Taipei Marathon is usually held on the third Sunday in December. It's an annual highlight of Taipei's sporting season. Supported by the hard work of many people, the level of competition has increased over the years. It's now an international-level event that attracts many professionals. In addition to certification by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AMIS), it's also the first urban marathon in Taipei to receive elite track certification from World Athletics (WA). It's Taiwan's largest and most international marathon, attracting elite runners from home and abroad every year.

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    Romantic Route 3 Arts Festival This activity has been temporarily suspended in 2022.

    The "Romantic Route 3 Arts Festival" integrates art in a manner that emphasizes and cherishes the cultural landscape of the Hakka people. This event enhances cultural awareness, innovation, and preservation. It highlights the achievements of the Hakka people, and their culture and history.

  • International
    2022 Christmasland in New Taipei City 2022-11-11~2023-01-02

    The innovative Christmasland in New Taipei City makes sure to keep up with global trends. It invites the world's most outstanding light-sculpting team to present the event, with special activities of international standard held to attract people. Visitors can expect to feel pleasantly surprised all the time. Christmasland in New Taipei City has been much reported by the globe's press. We hope overseas visitors can all enjoy the beautiful light projections and the festival's special atmosphere.

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    2022 Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival 2022-10-01~2023-02-28

    The "Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival" is a magnificent yearly event that goes from November to March of the following year taking place in the Maolin National Scenic Area. During this period millions of migrating Euploea butterflies (purple in color) cross the ocean and arrive here to winter over. The Maolin National Scenic Area is proud of that fact that it is has one of the only two winter migratory butterfly gorges in the world. The purple Euploea is a rare wintering butterfly. Each winter millions of these butterflies gather together for the flight to the Dawushan Foothills to avoid the cold and to winter in the gorges, there presenting a spectacular ecological sight—the "Purple Butterfly Valley." Tourists from every corner of the world travel every year to Maolin to experience firsthand this magnificent, world-class scene of beautiful purple butterflies dancing in the air, and everyone comes away full of praise and admiration. On an early winter morning as the first rays of the sun shine down on Maolin's Purple Butterfly Valley, we come upon the purple Euploea that, awakened from their slumber, begin fervently to chase the sunrays, peeking through the treetops and the forest. From time to time, a butterfly will stop to display his garment of magical color then soar high and low as he shuttles around the valley. Not only does he provide a superb eco-touristic spot for those watching, but he also brings a small bit of warmth to a winter's day. You are invited and welcome to take advantage of this once-a-year, rare opportunity to appreciate these migrating butterflies and come to Maolin to experience the magnificent dance of the purple Euploea. With everyone's care and concern, the future will bring an endless cycle of this extraordinary sight!

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    2022 Xinshe Sea of Flowers and Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival Xinshe Sea of Flowers: suspended; Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival:12/3-18

    "Xinshe Sea of Flowers and Taichung International Flower Carpet Festival" is central Taiwan's largest flower festival. It has grown in notoriety over the years, and is now one of Taiwan's leading flower-related and "leisure agriculture" events. Promoting the flower industry is an important economic and cultural effort in central Taiwan. Events featuring elements such as flower installation art are the result of collaboration between the community and local industry. Such activities integrate a wide range of industries that have Taichung characteristics, such as flowers, other plants, agricultural products, and tourism. These activities help communities become economically stronger, and support sustainable development. This includes better integration of tourism efforts extending from the mountainous areas to the towns. Such activities attract visitors from around the world.

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    2022 Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival 2022-09-14~2023-06-30

    The gradual arrival of winter formally announces that Taiwan's peak hot spring season has begun! Taiwan abounds in the gifts of nature—cold springs, hot springs, mud springs, submarine springs—it is a world-famous scenic spot for springs of every variety. Beginning in 2007 the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communication combined two touristic resources—the unique healthcare aspects of thermal springs and the demand for a modern, healthy diet—to integrate Taiwan's "thermal springs" and "gourmet cuisine" for a plan to launch a "Taiwan Hot Spring Fine-Cuisine Carnival." This event takes center stage throughout Taiwan at the same time each year, with one of Taiwan's 19 thermal spring areas chosen as the year's kick-off location. Not only is the Carnival an opportunity for Taiwanese tourists to soak up the pleasures of thermal springs throughout the country and receive merchandise discounts, overseas tourists are also fascinated and attracted, and the Carnival is a driving force behind the annual autumn/winter Taiwan hot spring tourist boom. During this period, hot spring areas throughout the country hold a series of hot spring/fine-cuisine events and pull together hundreds of county and municipal companies, introducing the scenic beauty of the springs, the local cultural landscape, and special products.

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    2022 Taiwan Cycling Festival 2022-03-01~2022-12-31

    Since 2010 the Tourism Bureau has actively conducted a whole series of events related to the Taiwan Cycling Festival, enthusiastically inviting the Taiwan public to lay down their "tire" tracks and turn the results of innovation in transportation construction into a new resource for tourism, aiming to make Taiwan into an international-level paradise for leisure cycling. Taiwan has an excellent highway system plus a superior topography so that when cycling, a rider can also appreciate magnificent scenery along the route—and what you have is a cycling tour around the island that boasts a convenient and enjoyable itinerary! The series of activities of the "Taiwan Cycling Festival" focus on bicycle touring and pulls together the tourist and transportation resources of the various county seats to present the specifics of a diverse and local touring culture. Accompanied by beautiful mountains and water scenery, bicycle enthusiasts from around the world can come on a pilgrimage and are provided a varied and rich recreational cycling experience, making the riding of the "iron horse" no longer a simple exercise but rather the perfect experience in body and soul.

  • International
    2022 Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival & Moonlight Sea Concert Concert: Jun. - Sep. 2022

    Held along Taiwan's East Coast, Taiwan East Coast Land Arts Festival & Moonlight Sea Concert features large outdoor installation, art studios accessible to the public along Provincial Highway 11, art fairs, and music concerts. The coast's natural environment, indigenous lifestyle, and youth travel are the festival's main themes. 2022 Moonlight Sea Concerts: 6/21、7/14、7/15、8/13、8/14、9/10、9/11、9/12

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