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Hsinchu County

Hsinchu County is home to the largest Hakka community in Taiwan. Most of the early Hakka immigrants to this region landed at Hongmao Harbor and Nanliao Harbor, the majority coming from Haifeng and Lufeng in China.

The Hakka residents in Hsinchu have unique dialects, customs and religious practices that reflect differences of environment. The Hakka people have traditionally lived in areas with poor farming conditions and inconvenient transportation links, forcing them to continually migrate into new lands. They are known for their diligence, respect for the teachings of their ancestors, and commitment to education. At the same time, the insular quality of their communities has traditionally limited opportunities for exchange and integration with other cultures, with the result that many Hakka communities have preserved their traditional dialects, culture and customs.

In recent years, Hsinchu County has enjoyed a thriving economy with support from the Hsinchu Science Park and Hsinchu Industrial Park. The county government has also vigorously promoted growth through infrastructure building and the development of the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, High Speed Rail (HSR) Hsinchu Station special district, third-phase development of the Hsinchu Science Park, Puyu Development Plan, HSR underpass roads, a sports stadium and biotech park. These projects are honing Hsinchu's competitive edge in scientific fields and injecting new growth momentum into the region.

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