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Lukang Longshan Temple

Changhua CountyHistoric Sites
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  • Lukang Longshan Temple at night
  • Octagon Well
  • Lukang Longshan Temple
  • Plaque by the entrance
  • Burning incense in Lukang Longshan Temple
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Lukang is one of the important historic towns in Taiwan. It is the town for well-preserved historic sites, old houses, old temples and folk arts. Longshan Temple is called the Forbidden City in Taiwan. It is the best among the 8 great scenes of Lukang. Longshan Temple was originally a small temple in Lukang. Later it was remodeled by local residents to be the current larger scale. The temple was beautifully designed. It is seated facing the west with the back to the east. The layout is square. The main building consists of four strata and three gardens. The format and design are inspired by Longshan Temple in Quanzhou (Chuanchow). In the old days, there were 99 doors. The carving is magnificent in terms of the structure and the ornament. There is fine colorful painting. It has the reputation of being the Treasure of Chinese Architectural Art. The buildings are worthy of detailed observation. At the front gate, there is a pair of dragon poles made of granite. There are the ascending dragon and the descending dragon corresponding to each other. The design is simple and powerful and they are excellent art works. At the end of front hall, there is a theater stage for traditional plays at festivals. There is an octagon well within the theater stage. Its colorful painting and the good technique reflect superb art works. In the past, the houses around Longshan Temple could not be higher than the temple. The buildings in Longshan Temple are getting higher and higher. It means ascending. There are many historical artifacts in the temple. For an example, there is an old bell from Ching Dynasty. It was made in Ninpo of Chekiang Province in China. It is the largest bronze bell in Taiwan. There is also a Guanshiyin Budda made of copper. The complexity of Longshan Temple in Lukang is amazing and the buildings in the temple are marvelous and rarely seen in Taiwan.

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Nat'l Fwy 1 → Exit at the Changhua Interchange → Prov. Hwy 19 → County Hwy 142 → Sanmin Rd. → Longshan St.


Take TRA to Changhua Station, transfer Changhua Bus to Front Side of Train Station stop.

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