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Dong Long Cultural Center

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  • Cultural Gallery of Wangye at Donglong Temple
  • Cultural Gallery of Wangye at Donglong Temple
  • Cultural Gallery of Wangye at Donglong Temple
  • Hall of Water Margin Heroes
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Cultural Gallery of Wangye
The Cultural Gallery of Wangye at Donglong Temple contains Taiwan's most complete collection of artifacts relating to Wangye worship, giving visitors a fine opportunity to learn more about the island's religious faith. It contains finely wrought camphor-wood carvings of all the folk performances that are used to greet the Wangye in Taiwan today, with thousands of human figures that are extremely lifelike, each one having its own facial expression and posture. There are also representations of other rituals: inviting the gods, sacrificing to the gods, feasting the gods, and sending off the Wangye, as well as all the items that are placed on Wangye boats. A visit to this Gallery gives you a comprehensive understanding of the content and importance of Wangye worship in Taiwan's southwestern coastal areas.

Hall of Water Margin Heroes
Another feature of the Culture Center is Taiwan's only complete set of clay figures representing the 108 hero-bandits of the classic novel The Water Margin, also translated as All Men Are Brothers. The figures were meticulously crafted by Liu Shumian, a national treasure-class pottery sculptor from Guangdong in China, who worked several years to accomplish the lifelike human figures. Each of these exquisite works in koji pottery exhibit a natural demeanor and unique form that make them unparalleled in Taiwan. In these clay figures you can see a marvelous expression of characters of the 108 heroes: the expansive mind of their leader, Song Jiang; the bold actions of Lin Chong; the crude behavior of the worldly monk Lu Zhishen; the bravery of the "Black Cyclone"Li Kui; and the courage of the tiger-fighting Wu Song.

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Take TRA to Tainan Staion, transfer Tainan City Bus Blue to Jiali stop, and transfer Tainan City Bus B2 or B3 to Sanliaowan (Dong Long Cultural Center) stop.

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