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Wanjin Catholic Church

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  • Pingtung Wanjin Christmas Festival
  • Wanjin Catholic Church
  • Wanjin Catholic Church - interior
  • Dominican Order
  • Wanjin Catholic Church - interior


No.24, Wanxing Rd., Wangjin Village, Wanluan Township, Pingtung County


Wanjin Catholic Church is located in the small town of Wanjin. It was established by a Philippine priest during the Qing Dynasty. Completely restored in 1960, it is Taiwan's oldest church. It has been called the "Holy Cathedral of Mary" by Pope Paul II. An inscription on a stone plaque inside, dating back to the Qing dynasty, implies the church was erected by consent of the Manzhou authorities.

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Nat'l Hwy 3 → Linluo Interchange → Township Road Ping-37 → Provincial Hwy Route 1 →Township Road Ping-91 → County Hwy 87A→ County Hwy 187 → Township Road Ping-98 →Township Road Ping-101


Take Train to Pingtung Railway Station, then transfer to Pingtung Bus (bound for Jiazuo) and get off at Wanjin Stop.

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