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Fongguei Cave

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  • Fongguei Cave
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The ancient fishing village of Fongguei is located at the end of the peninsula that bears the same name. It is known for the sound of its waves, the blowholes on the shore, and the whistling sound that is produced when the waves recede from the blowholes and suck air down through them. This is the origin of the name Fongguei, which means wind cabinet—a kind of Chinese organ. The fame of the space reached a peak after the release of a movie directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien,"The Boys from Fengkuei". The coast at Fongguei is formed of well-developed columnar basalt, which over the eons has been sculpted by the waves into long trenches and cave-like holes. Whenever large waves crash against the shore here, the holes resound like claps of thunder. If the wind is strong and its direction just right, as the tide rises jets of water will spout from the blowholes in a forest of fountains. The nearby Lingde King Wen Temple is reputed to be highly efficacious. The most unusual feature of this more-than-200-years-old plague god temple is a mechanized wooden plague god boat more than 10 meters long that is displayed in a special room and taken out to be put to sea during major religious celebrations. Because of its supposed effectiveness, the temple is filled with a constant stream of worshippers.

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(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Magong City → County Hwy 204 → County Hwy 201

  1. Take plane to Penghu Airport.
  2. Take ferry to Magong Harbor, transfer Penghu County Bus Yellow Line - Fengguei Line to Fongguei Cave stop.

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