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One Day Senior Travel of the Sun Moon Lake's Temples and Nature Trails

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Not only do you come to Sun Moon Lake to visit the famous Xuanzang and Wenwu Temples, but also the Dajhuhu and Songbolun Nature Trails near the temples are worth exploring and strolling to experience the beautiful lake and mountains, as well as the diverse cultures of religion, history and ecology.

Tips for Senior Traveler:

The Dazhuhu Nature Trail
The Dazhuhu Nature Trail is only 200 meters long, making it the shortest trail at Sun Moon Lake. Enter the trail beside the parking lot below the highway, and you will soon come to an observation platform. On the right side of the platform is a trail leading down to the shore of the lake. In the lake below the trail is an area of boiling, rumbling water that is called the Sun Moon Fountain. Actually, this is where water from an underground tunnel empties into the lake. When the Japanese occupied Taiwan, they dug a tunnel all the way from Wujie Village in Renai Township to the lake and used it to divert water from the Zhuoshui River. This is the main source of water for the lake.

The Songbolun Nature Trail
The 600-meter Songbolun Nature Trail is near the Wenwu Temple. One end has a two-story observation pavilion, which is adjacent to a bronze sculpture of a pole carrying two baskets. The sculpture is a favorite of photographers, and also has historical significance. It is said that many years ago when the Thao residents of Lalu Island visited the local area, this is where they came ashore.


Tour route


Xuanzang Temple
Xuanzang Temple
Monk Xuanzang was the Holy Monk in the Tang dynasty. During the China-Japan War, Japanese took the Monk Xuanzang's remains away from Nanjing to the Ts...
Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple
Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple
Wenwu Temple is located at the shoulder of mountain where is on the north of Sun Moon Lake. It was built in 1938. People worried the water of Sun Moon...

Travel Information

Take THSR or TRA to Taichung Station, transfer Sun Moon Lake Route 6670 (Low Floor operate at fixed shifts) to Sun Moon Lake stop, transfer Nantou Bus 6669 (Low Floor).

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