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Waimushan Lovers Lake Coastal Boulevard

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Waimushan seashore is the longest natural seashore remaining in Keelung City with a length of 5 kilometers from Waimushan fishing port to Aoditong Village. With the open seashore on one side and towering marine cliffs on the other, the coastal scenery is spectacular. As the only remaining sandy seashore in Keelung, the beach near Aoditong Village is small but magnificent. In summer, people go to the beach and have fun swimming. The sunrise at sea in summer is a view not to be missed. It is always refreshing to listen to the sound of the crashing waves and watching the changes of colorful clouds. The seashore and the reef rocks sculptured by the ocean over a long period of time are also a must-see.

Situated in the scenic waterfront area of Waimushan, the enclosed 3m wide 1.2 km long Waimushan Bikeway is the first tourist bikeway ever built in Keelung. Visitors can walk, jog and ride freely and safely within this closed tourist bikeway to enjoy the caress of the sea breeze. As the bikeway is just next to the coastal highway, visitors can look over the Keelung Isle on the great green sea and at the cargo ships at sea or waiting to berth at the Keelung Harbor to unload their cargo. Walking or riding on the bikeway will surely help you relieve the stress of everyday life.

Visitors can get to the seashore from the path next to the bikeway car park to enjoy fishing, listen to the crashing waves, and watch the reef rocks sculptured by the ocean over a long period of time. Visitors may go to the Aoditong Village to have a fun swim. If there is enough time and energy and if visitors want to sweat a bit, they can go hiking at the historic forest Trail in the Zhongshan Valley next to the bikeway car park. It takes about 40-60 minutes to travel back and forth once. The 950-meter-long Wenxing Forest Trail near the Earth's God Temple at the end of the bikeway is another choice. After a 30 - minute - walk, you can get to the sightseeing platform at Lover's Lake. It is the best spot to see the entire view of the West-Coast Highway and Waimushan Fishing Port.

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)
+886-2-2428-7664 (Visitor Information Center)
Sec. 1, Huhai Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Keelung City
Waimushan Lovers Lake Coastal Boulevard Links

Nat'l Hwy 3 → exit at Jijin Interchange → Prov. Hwy 2F → De'an Rd. → Fuxing Rd. → Wenhua Rd. → Xiehe → St.Sec. 1, Huhai Rd.


TRA Keelung Station → Keelung Bus (No. 305) to Lovers Lake Seaside Boulevard Memorial bus stop.

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