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Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple (Official God of War Temple)

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  • Exterior of Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple
  • Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple
  • Entrance of Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple

This temple, along with the Confucius Temple, is known as one of the oldest and best-preserved temples in Taiwan. Just when it was originally built is not known, but according to legend it was in the mid-17th century, during the Ming dynasty's Yungli reign. During the Qing dynasty, this was where government officials offered sacrifices to the god.

The God of War (Guandi or Guangong) worshipped here holds a heavy sword and rides a swift horse. His mortal origin was as a general of the late Han dynasty (early 3rd century) who, because of his behavior, becomes a symbol of uprightness and loyalty to later generations and was finally deified. He is said to have been good at managing finances and to have invented a method of accounting, and so is also worshipped (by businessmen, especially) as the God of Commerce.

The entrance to this temple has a particularly high threshold, and for a reason. In the old days, it is said, women were banned from the temple and the high threshold was designed to keep them out.

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)

Nat'l Hwy 1 → Yongkang Interchange → Zhongzheng N. Rd. → Zhongzheng S. Rd. → Gongyuan Rd. → Sec.2, Minzu Rd. → Sec.2, Yongfu Rd.

  1. Take the train to Tainan City, transfer Tainan City Bus (No.3 or 5) to Chi-Kan Lou (The Chamber of Red Hill) stop.
  2. Take the train to Tainan Staion, transfer to 99 Anping to Taijiang Route, get off at Chihkan Tower stop.


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