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Two-day Historic Heritage Tour of Tainan

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Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple (Official God of War Temple)
Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple (Official God of War Temple)
This temple, along with the Confucius Temple, is known as one of the oldest and best-preserved temples in Taiwan. Just when it was originally built is...
Grand Mazu Temple
Grand Mazu Temple
Tainan Grand Mazu Temple(Datianhou Temple) is commonly known as a Mazu Temple of Tainan-the first Mazu Temple built by the government in Taiwan. The g...
Koxinga Shrine
Koxinga Shrine
The Koxinga Shrine (Yanping Junwang Temple), located by Kaishan Road surrounded by trees, is the only Fujianese style shrine in Taiwan. This is the sh...


Anping Old Fort
Anping Old Fort
In 1624, Dutch built the first fort in Anping, Taiwan, called "Fort Zeelandia", now known as Anping Old Fort, where has been the administrat...
Eternal Fortress
Eternal Fortress
Eternal Golden Castle was called "Anping Great Fort" or "Erkunshen Battery" in the ancient time, it was built to resist the Japane...
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