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Penghu Great Bridge (Trans-Ocean Bridge)

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The Trans-Ocean Bridge spans Houmen (Roaring Gate) Channel, linking the islands of Baisha and Xiyu. At 2,494 meters, it is the first sea-crossing bridge in the far eastern. Walking the length of the bridge, viewing the awesome oceanic vistas, listening to the roaring tides, and feeling the bracing sea breezes, is a uniquely refreshing experience.

Travel Information

(Traffic information is subject to change. Please check with the transportation station before departure.)
County Hwy 203, Baisha Township, Penghu County
Penghu Great Bridge (Trans-Ocean Bridge) Links

Magong City → County Hwy 203 → Turn left at Dongwei → Penghu Great Bridge → Zhongtun → Jiangmei → Chikan → Houliao → Penghu Great Bridge.


1.Take plane to Magong Airport, transfer to Magong Shuttle Bus North Ring Line, get off at Penghu Great Bridge stop.

2.Take Blun Line bus-wài an Line at Makung Terminus, get off at Penghu Great Bridge station.

Accessible Transportation:


Take Magong Shuttle Bus North Ring Line(Low), get off at Penghu Great Bridge stop. Please see bus schedule on Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Bus Web.

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