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Nanzhuang Old Street

Miaoli CountyNight markets & old streets
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  • Nanzhuang Old Street
  • Nanzhuang Post Office
  • Osmanthus Alley
  • Osmanthus flavor shaved ice
  • Tangyuan
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Nanzhuang Old Street is located on the main street and side alleys of Zhongzheng Road near Yongchang Temple and the Nanzhuang Visitor Center in Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli County. The street is also known as "Osmanthus Alley" by merit of its most popular souvenir: osmanthus wine. Other must-taste specialties here are pig cage buns, rice dumplings wrapped in shell ginger leaves, iced osmanthus dumplings with fruit, osmanthus plums, lei-cha (ground tea), soy stewed firm tofu, and Hakka cuisine. Xishankeng at the end of the street was once a place where women would do laundry and chat. The old Nanzhuang Post Office, Yongchang Temple, old Kizaki food stand, and Nanzhuang Theater are other must-see attractions here.

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