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Three-day Tour of Su'ao Cold Springs/Jiuzhize Hot Springs

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Su'ao Cold Springs
Su'ao Cold Springs
The Su'ao cold springs have a temperature of less than 22°C and the water from these springs are clear, colorless and emit no smell. This rare typ...
At the southern side of Su'ao Harbor is Nanfang'ao, a major base for coastal fishing. The abundance of the fish catch here has made Nanfang'ao one of ...


Jiuzhize Hot Springs
Jiuzhize Hot Springs
Situated 500 meters above sea level in Taiping Township, the Jiuzhize Hot Springs are a stopover on the road to the Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area...
Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
Taipingshan is situated in the northern county of Yilan and is one of Taiwan's three major national forest recreation areas. With a moist climate and ...


Mingchi Forest Recreation Area
Mingchi Forest Recreation Area
Mingchi is located 17 kilometers up the road from the Qilan Nursery, at the highest point of the Northern Cross-Island Highway. The frequently fog-shr...
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