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Huoyanshan (Huoyan Mountain) Nature Reserve

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  • Huoyenshan (Huoyen Mountain)
  • Beautiful Huoyanshan
  • Overlooking Huoyenshan (Huoyen Mountain)
  • Liyu Lake Bridge
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Huoyanshan (Huoyan Mountain) Nature Reserve is located to the north of Da'an River. It is known for its special scenery featuring sharp bare hills, and the Masson's pine forest. In 1986, the Ministry of Agriculture designated the area a nature reserves.

Huoyanshan (Huoyan Mountain) Nature Reserve has an interesting geological history. Its geological structure was formed by dramatic tectonic movements and consists mainly of conglomerate and sandstone layers with very weak cohesion. Natural forces such as wind and rain have eroded these mountains, causing large sections to break off, creating jagged peaks and rock strewn slopes and valleys. The best view of the mountains is from the south; it is especially magnificent at the sunset, when it appear to be on fire. It is from this that they derive their name, Mt. Huoyan, which means fire mountain. Every March and April, Mt. Huoyan serves as a stopover for migratory birds coming from the south. The gray-headed vulture, on its way back to the north from its winter retreat in the Philippines, is a frequent visitor, attracted by the mild climate of Mt. Huoyan.

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Nat'l Fwy 1 → Exit at the Sanyi Interchange → Prov. Hwy 13


Take TRA to Tai'an Station, transfer to Taichung city bus 839 to Bogongkeng stop.

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