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Three-day Tour of Penghu, North Sea, and East Sea

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Tongliang Great Banyan
Tongliang Great Banyan
A massive banyan tree said to be more than 200 years old forms a canopy over the courtyard of Bao'an Temple in the village of Tongliang, at the wester...

Accessible Toilets:1

Accessible Parking:1 for automobiles, 1 for motorcycles

Penghu Great Bridge (Trans-Ocean Bridge)
Penghu Great Bridge (Trans-Ocean Bridge)
The Trans-Ocean Bridge spans Houmen (Roaring Gate) Channel, linking the islands of Baisha and Xiyu. At 2,494 meters, it is the first sea-crossing brid...

Accessible Toilets:2


Xianjiao Island
Xianjiao Island
Xianjiao Island is located to the south of Jibei and, as its name indicates, is surrounded by dangerous reefs. The island has a small eroded rock plat...
Jibei Island
Jibei Island
Jibei Island lies 5.5 kilometers north of Baisha Island; its size is about 3.05 square kilometers, and it is not only the sixth largest island in the ...


Xiaobaisha Island
Xiaobaisha Island
Xiaobaisha Island is named for its pure white-sand beaches. The entire coast-line of the island is great for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling. The...
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