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Chiayi County

Chiayi's attractions are mostly of cultural and historical interest. Foremost among these is Lantan, which used to be called "foreigner's stockade".

Bordered by mountains on one side and the sea on the other, Chiayi County is the only county in Taiwan with three major national scenic areas: Alishan National Scenic Area, Southwest Coast National Scenic Area, and Siraya National Scenic Area, each presenting a unique view of nature's wonders, from mountains to plains to ocean views. Alishan, located in the east part of the county by Taiwan's tallest peak, Yushan, is the homeland of the Tsou indigenous people. This area is famous for its breathtaking sunrise views and cloud formations, towering ancient trees, colorful cherry blossoms, the world-famous Alishan Forest Railway, and secluded forest trails, valleys, and waterfalls. The area's appeal is further heightened by the mountain culture and ancestral legends of the Tsou. The fishing harbors of Dongshi and Budai on the west coast are good places to experience the county's oyster industry, coastal ecology, and views. In recent years, Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf has become a summer hot spot for visitors. The Aogu Wetland Forest Park, also in Dongshi, is the largest lowland forest park in Taiwan. Visitors can take a fishing raft ride along the Puzi River to the Waisanding Sand Bar and Haomeili Nature Reserve in Budai to experience the coastal fishing industry. And in the plains area of the county, one can make an educational visit to the Tropic of Cancer Monument or tour centuries-old temples. Chiayi also hosts several grand religious ceremonies that attract thousands of visitors to the county each year, from the Mazu pilgrimage to a watery procession welcoming the "Guest Kings" (visiting gods).

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