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Taiwan Summer Festival
Happy travels in Summer!

Solar Festival in Taiwan is a themed event of the Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications. It includes the “Tasty Dumpling” Dragon Boat Festival; Summer Solstice 235 (referring to 23.5 degrees latitude); Enjoying Tea and Shaved Ice; the Taiwan International Food Show; and the Joy of Railway Travel. The Tourism Administration has helped integrate special summer tourism activities offered by various counties, cities, and industries. The result is a new brand of summer tourism activities that will allow travelers from home and abroad to experience the unique charms of southern Taiwan.

Taiwan Cycling Festival
Taiwan KOM Challenge

The "Taiwan King of the Mountains (KOM) Challenge" is a "pilgrimage-level" cycling route that offers a variety of challenges. It begins at sea level at Qixingtan Beach, passes through the Taroko Gorge, and then climbs high into Taiwan’s beautiful mountains. The end point is at Wuling in Mt. Hehuan at an altitude of 3,275 meters. The route is 105 km in length. The last 10 km is known as "Paradise Road" and has slopes of 17% to 27%. It’s considered by international riders as a "once in a lifetime challenge."

Riding the Formosa 900

This event consists of more than 10 groups starting from different cities in Taiwan. Participants cycle at an easy pace, touring Taiwan in an in-depth manner. Along the way, they can enjoy the scenery; feel the sun, wind and rain; take in Taiwan’s natural beauty; savor the island’s tasty cuisines and experience the enthusiasm of the local people.

Sun Moon Lake Come!Bikeday Bicycle Festival

Sun Moon Lake offers unique and beautiful scenery. The main Sun Moon Lake Bikeway is a circular path around the lake. Riding over the course of a week presents a slightly challenging tour with ups and downs following the terrain. Enjoy a relaxing bicycle trip while appreciating the beauty of Sun Moon Lake and enjoying the morning sun and cool lakeside breezes.

Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival
Next Jun.
The cool days of autumn and winter are a good time to go to a hot spring.
Taiwan is blessed with a variety of natural springs, including hot, cold, turbid and submarine springs. It’s a world-renowned hot spring resort area. The "Hot Spring and Fine-Cuisine Carnival" connects 19 major spring areas and hundreds of operators throughout Taiwan. It also includes recommendations for nearby attractions, cultural activities, seasonal specialties, and attractive discounts. In autumn and winter, you can relax while soaking in rejuvenating waters and enjoying delicious foods. Many believe this helps strengthen immunity and enhance a sense of well-being and a healing of the soul.
Taiwan Lantern Festival
Taiwan Lantern Festival
Series of activities
Chosen by the Discovery Channel as one of the "Fantastic Festivals of the World"
The Lantern Festival, which begins on January 15th of the lunar year, is Taiwan’s largest and liveliest traditional cultural festival. Celebrations are held throughout Taiwan, featuring the Taiwan Lantern Festival, the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, Taitung’s Lord Handan Festival, Tainan’s Beehive Fireworks Festival as well as many traditional temple celebrations. It attracts many international visitors. The Discovery Channel's "Fantastic Festivals of the World" included a "Lantern Celebrations" program in Taiwan and described it as one of the world's best festivals.
Sky Lantern Festival
Bombing of Master
Han Dan
Fireworks Festival
Time for Taiwan
Taiwan's beauty, culture, attractive lifestyle, hi-tech success, traditional celebrations and religious diversity blend together to make it a beautiful and fascinating place to visit. We welcome friends from around the world to visit our land. No matter your age, interests or special needs, you can find an itinerary that suits you. Taiwan’s four seasons offer unique experiences, and you can be assured of a memorable journey as you explore Taiwan!
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